For all those who have a wild spirit and who like to venture into the unknown, MUESART has what you need!

After a hard work, we have found the most mysterious and interesting areas of Mexico, and we have designed fantastic routes where you can witness the beauty of nature and the greatness of ancient civilizations.


Zona del SIlencio

Do you like the mystery?

The zone of silence is a region full of legends and exceptional beauty within the reserve of the biosphere of the Bagón de Mapimí.

Discover the desert and discover the rarities of this area where in 1970 an American test missile fell, an area full of aerolites and other fantastic attractions.



Travel the magical jungle of Campeche with its incredible landscapes, and enter the heart of the biosphere of Calakmul to witness one of the largest and most majestic complexes of the Mayan civilization.

Accompanied by a group of experts that will make your expedition unique.


Cerro del Xihuingo

Visit one of the Teotihuacan cities that established the trade route from the Gulf of Mexico to the center of the country. Know the main road and admire the Tecolote pyramid, used as a ceremonial center.

Walk the hill of Tres Peñas and see the cave paintings and petroglyphs found in the area.


Cerro del TEztcotzingo

Discover one of the most impressive architectural developments in the pre-Hispanic world.

Be amazed with this sacred enclosure built by the poet king Nezahaulcóyotl; where he devoted his great skills as an engineer, building one of the first botanical gardens in America, and where he designed the most beautiful stone carved baths on the planet.


Mexico is a country full of history, culture and traditions.

The best way to know it is to walk it, visit it and live it through its streets, places and legends. In Muesart we have prepared a series of tours that awaken in you the interest and love for this great country.


aRoma Café

Do you want to meet and try the best cafes in Mexico City?

Let the experts of MUESART guide you through the heart of the Roma neighborhood, where you could meet the most exotic coffee shops and the best flavors and aromas of coffee.


Templo Mayor

We know how important it is to know our culture and the best place to start is in the heart of Mexico City.

MUESART offers you a night of exclusive tour in the Templo Mayor. You will have access to all the rooms of the complex with the explanation of the experts of the site.

Cantinas de la Ciudad de México

Tours of canteens there are many ...

Ours will make you live the Historical Center in an incomparable way, accompanied by experts of good living and good food.

Three hours that you will enjoy and you will know the legends and facts that marked our history in the heat of the glasses.


Poetas BEat

Did you know that Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs and Neal Cassady lived in Mexico?

From the hand of the experts you could know all the places they frequented in Mexico City, the places where they lived and all the relevant events of these revolutionaries of modern literature.


Cultural Talks

On a permanent basis, MUESART organizes cultural presentations that bring together experts from various areas with the purpose of presenting topics of interest or of great relevance; all this accompanied by an excellent atmosphere and venues that are full of history.

Our commitment to the dissemination of culture is very high, so our cultural talks are totally free and open to the public.

We recommend you to follow us on social networks so that you are aware of all the events that are programmed by MUESART.



As part of the project that MUESART is promoting, workshops will be held with which you can develop your creativity and start a pleasant foray into the artistic world. We will have recognized and widely trained exponents in each of the topics that we will address. Coming soon!